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Unlocking Genius, Shattering Limits: From Blast Off to Burnout and Beyond

I help entrepreneurs align with their purpose and amplify Joy in their work.

Hi, my name is  Jarod Ferguson. Coach, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Royal Jay & Virayo.

I’ve spent 22 years of my professional life writing code and building tech companies that support a wide range of industries.

In those years, I’ve collected many accolades and achievements—but my life wasn’t always what it is now.

In fact, when I was a kid, I was considered “exceptionally problematic” and found myself locked up by the age of 19.

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I love to couch
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How I can Help

Ignite your vision

Group, 1-1, or Hybrid Coaching

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Are you in the growth stages of your software product or agency? Thrilled by the ride but overwhelmed by the ascent? Blast off with me. Whether you're looking to expand both personally and professionally, or you're apprehensive about making the big leap, I can guide you. Leveraging my tech know-how and strategic coaching, we'll streamline processes, build your dream team, and select the right tech for a smooth ascent. I'll also help you tackle any scaling hurdles head-on.

Let’s Lift Off Together
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Navigate the Stratosphere

1:1 Coaching

Feeling stuck or drained? You're not alone; it's a common phase many founders know all too well. I offer specialized one-on-one coaching that merges business strategy with profound personal exploration. Together, we'll reignite the passion and drive that got you started, dig deep into your essence, and use these insights to bring about efficient and impactful changes in your personal and professional world.

Reignite Your Drive
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Cruise to New Horizons

Advising and Partnership

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Ready to elevate your business to new heights? If you're seeking a catalyst for transformative change, let's explore potential advising, investment, or partnership routes. While my selection criteria are rigorous, the potential for impact is boundless for the right fit. From offering strategic guidance to assembling powerhouse teams and driving high-leverage initiatives, I'm here to amplify your mission and accelerate your journey toward making a lasting legacy.

Embark on a Higher Journey
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"What sets Jarod apart as an advisor is his extensive experience inside and outside of business. He has a proven track record in multiple ventures and is a true expert in entrepreneurship. But what truly makes him exceptional is his ability to navigate the emotional and relational aspects that go beyond entrepreneurship. Jarod's valuable insights and expertise in these areas make him incredibly valuable as a coach and advisor."

Marcel Petitpas - CEO and co-founder of Parakeeto
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